• Construction


    Block on Block - Through building and constructing the children experience their senses and become familiar with basic construction and statics principles. Gravity, shapes and surfaces are experienced through touching and "grasped" cognitively. Spatial awareness is encouraged, the location of objects in relation to other objects is comprehended, building tasks and problems are solved. Age 3+.

  • Sensory & Manipulative

    Sensory & Manipulative

    Ideal for experimenting with different art & craftwork techniques. Teaching colour sensitivity or viewing transparent objects. Children to adults alike will be fascinated by play of light and the added attractiveness of their pattern and drawings.

  • Sand and Water Play

    Sand and Water Play

    Kids love digging holes,building castles and making squiggly lines and shapes with sand, but this ancient play stuff is packed with possibilities that go beyond the pail.

  • Special Educational Essentials

    Special Educational Essentials is an Irish owned company who sources high quality educational products and furniture from all over the world. We are sole distributors for Dusyma kindergarten (Germany) established in 1925 who design and manufacture their own toys and furniture for the childcare sector. Our large range of products offer possibilities for children to discover and develop their own abilities individually and integrally.

  • Infants and Toddlers

    Infants and Toddlers

    As soon as they are born, children experience the world with all senses. Therefore small children already need a stimulating environment that encourages them to experience, explore and discover the world with all their senses and promotes creativity. Through grasping the children learn to "grasp" the world. Our wide variety of sense-stimulation toys never ceases to encourage the children's self-education processes - beacause there are so many things to explore, let's give our children the opportunity to do so!

  • Dusyma Wooden Furniture

    Dusyma Wooden Furniture

    Dusyma products offer a variety of resources which stimulate young children to become active and confident learners. Quality wooden, educational resources.