Large Sand Tray


Captivating game with the versatile natural material sand Sand games can be carried out not only outside, but also in the group room. Children like to reach into the fine sand, which trickles so comfortably between their fingers. The fingers can, individually or all together, drill holes or draw figures in the sand. The special thing about this sand tub is the glass bottom. Colored paper or self-designed pictures can be pushed under the glass shelf. The colored background becomes visible by drawing traces with fingers, rakes or sticks. The result is beautiful patterns and pictures, which the children can delete at any time using the sand pusher in order to realize new ideas. So that the sand is not scattered all over the group room, we recommend placing the sand tub on a large cloth. This can then be easily shaken out after the game.
Contents / material: A sand tub with handles, beech wood frame and base made of single-pane safety glass, 1 sand pusher to smooth the sand surface, 2 sample rakes for making samples, approx. 1 kg of fine quartz sand. Sufficient for one filling. From 3 years.
 sand tub 65 x 50 x 5 cm, base 6 mm thick.