Barefoot adventure trail


 This mobile barefoot adventure path made of natural materials is particularly suitable for outdoors, on a meadow or a tarred or paved courtyard. But new worlds of the senses can also be opened up in the gym. The barefoot adventure path can be set up and dismantled and designed by the children themselves (depending on the age of the children under adult supervision). Promotion of sensory perception and body experience, as well as agility and dexterity. Training the muscles. The spatial orientation (space-position relationship) is promoted and the sense of balance and touch stimulated. The children learn to assess their abilities themselves and gain self-confidence and courage. Speech and social behavior are trained when several children explore the barefoot adventure path together. From 2 years.

Material: pressure impregnated spruce wood, coconut mats, plastic tubs, stone, gravel, sand, bark mulch (untreated). Thanks to the pressure impregnation, the wooden elements can remain outdoors for a longer period of time. The coconut mats can also stand a few rainy days. It is advisable to store the elements in a protected place in the event of persistent bad weather.