Botley® 2.0 Activity Set


Botley® 2.0 is here to put the fun in coding fundamentals. The next generation of 100% screen-free coding robot, kids can do even more with Botley 2.0! Programme Botley 2.0 to do up to 150 steps in one sequence including 45 degree left and right turns. Turn on the lights and see Botley 2.0’s eyes light up. You can even change the colour or programme by colour and watch Botley 2.0 put on a cool light show and dance to the beat.

Botley 2.0 has a playful personality and loves games. Play a game of Botley Says where players listen and repeat the musical sequences. Or crack the secret code and turn Botley 2.0 into a police car or roaring dinosaur. Because Botley 2.0 loves trying new things, use the two different face plate colours and glow in-the-dark stickers to personalise each Botley 2.0.

It’s easy for first-time coders to get started with Botley 2.0 and as kids grow in confidence, they can use the Activity Set to build up an obstacle course, programme Botley 2.0 to do up to 150 steps and watch it navigate through. The 77-piece Activity Set includes programmable robot, easy-to-use remote
programmer, two detachable robot face plates and arms, reversible mats, 40 coding cards, interactive blocks and obstacles and activity guide. Botley measures 13cm W x 7cm H x 8.5cm D. Requires 5 AAA batteries not included. 77 Piece Set.