Playing style/promotion:Hide and take a break or feel and enjoy your own movement – the Cocodu® offers both. The fabric loosely envelops the body like a cocoon. This newly created “space” can be a space for quiet time. The outside world is observed dimly through the translucent fabric: completely relaxed and at a safe distance. This “space” also invites you to new experiences of movement: stretching and stretching against the shell, rolling through space, moving forward in pairs. Due to the special nature of the fabric, there is always a distance between the body and the cover. It is permeable to air and light and ensures a good climate inside the cocoon. The Cocodu® offers an auditory and visual sense-reduced space and promotes vestibular and deep sensory experiences.From 3 years. Content/material: 100% polyester, flame retardant, washable up to 60°C, with storage bag.
Dimensions: 160 x 160 cm.