The Dusy-Drill allows even young children to drill holes. The drill consist of a hand piece in which there is a crank vertically. Standard 6 bit tools can be inserted into the crank. The included snail drill is optimal: It drags deeper into the wood with each spin of the crank. This enables clean holes in wood to be achieved more quickly. On the bottom of the piece is a notch, this means that the hand piece also finds a stop on rods and branches, which means that even difficult holes can be safely made. To drill, the hand piece must be fixed on a workpiece with a winch or strap. The Dusy-Drill promotes fine motor skills as well as hand-eye co-ordination. Contents: 1 wooden hand piece, 1 wooden belt (screw clamp with wooden handle) 1 strap. 1 snail drill 4 mm. Hand Piece size 16 cm x 4.5 cm. Age 4 Plus