Juwelino has over 30 game possibilities and is especially appealing to very young children because of its coloured and glittering jewel stones.

Children come into contact playfully with the principle of the theory of colour, and help children to differentiate colours. The game also trains

  • the first understanding of a rule
  • concentration
  • spatial and logical thinking.

Many of the different figures demand fine motor skills, and eye- hand coordination. Child-friendly possibilities for conversation lead to expansion of vocabulary.

12 months+



Juwelino  comes in a wooden box with a plexi-glass sliding lid that contains:

  • All the colourful parts are colour co-ordinated into yellow, orange, red, purple, blue and green and all the wooden pieces are painted.
  • Four game boards made out of beech wood multiplex, printed on both sides. (Scene side: butterflies, flowers, fishes, birds, game plan side: 4 identical game plans),
  • 24 jewel play stones (coloured) and
  • two coloured dice made of solid beech wood and acrylic,
  • 24 coloured figures,
  • 6 play figures (white, grey, black)
  • two wooden sticks (1 white,1 black) made out of solid beech wood,
  • 6 plastic bowls,
  • 1 velvet bag (green) soft: 100% cotton, lining: 100% polyester
  • game instructions

Game area is 29 x 29 cm, Box 45 x 32.5 x 10 cm.