Large Tactile Boards


Set of 10 sand -embossed fibre board tiles, 25 x 25 cm with instruction leaflet. Educational approach: An exciting way of promoting tactile perception, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Ideal for improving concentration and teaching an understanding of basic geometrical shapes. Highly recommended for therapy classes and special educational needs children. Game suggestions: A wide variety of tactile recognition games can be played with the tactile boards to suit different ages and abilities. Touch it, feel it, draw it represents an integrated learning approach to tactile discrimination. Feel the shapes embossed with your fingers or walk over with your bare feet. Try and transfer your tactile experience onto paper or draw it in the Sandtray. If you have two sets of Large tactile boards a floor version of Memory can be played.

Developed by Marielle Seitz. How to play / support: In this game, the child’s sense of touch and form are encouraged. The basic symbols that correspond to the child’s visual language are printed with sand on lacquered panels. The shapes are guessed by palpation. From 3 years. Contents / material: Set with 10 hardboard, instructions. Dimensions: plates 25 x 25 cm.