Leaning Stack



These  inclined stacker blocks  combines playing and building and thus offers a completely new challenge and variety. The different shapes of the stacking blocks and differently colored stacking surfaces enable many game variations. “Rapid stacking”, “Tower dismantling” and “Who is last to bet?” bring fun to play and at the same time promote dexterity, spatial thinking, action planning and concentration. In addition, the child experiences the laws of statics and gravity experimentally when building and stacking. The stacking surfaces are flocked so that different haptic experiences can be made and the blocks  adhere well to one another. For 1-5 players. From 18 months. Content / material:40 slanted  wooden stacking blocks  with two flocked surfaces each (8 x cubes, 8 x trapezoid, 8 x parallelogram, 8 x cubes with a bevel, 8 x cubes), 1 colour cube, instructions in a cotton bag. Dimensions: cube 4.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 cm.