Light Box LED



For handicraft techniques, color mixing games and for imaginative laying with transparent material. Another great benefit: The dimensions of these light boxes are precisely matched to the sand tub (102 201 [kng]), ie the light shines through the glass bottom of the sand tub and allows painted patterns and traces to come into their own. Attractive, creative games in the sand tub are created by placing colored tracing paper between the glass bottom and the light box, only suitable for indoor use. Material: frame made of 2 cm thick, lacquered beech wood, 4 mm thick acrylic frosted glass pane.
Technical data: LEDs 18 W, ready for operation, with cord switch and plug, cable length 1.50 m, 12 V, 13 watts.
Dimensions: 69.5 cm wide, 54.5 cm deep, 6 cm high.
Description: Hardwood frame of table-top viewer
69.5 x 54.5 x 12 cm. 4 mm thick acrylic glass top. 2 x 18 W strip lightning. Replacement light bulbs easily available. Safety lock on electrical lead to prevent accidental disconnection of power.
Pedagogical value: Trains observation skills, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, concentration and creativity.
Suggestions for use: Ideal for experimenting with different art and craftwork techniques, teaching  colour sensitivity or viewing transparent objects. Children will be thrilled by the fascinating play of light and the added attractiveness of their patterns and drawings. The sand tray box and illuminated table-top viewer are identical in size – try placing the sand tray box (102201) on top of the illuminated table-top viewer for an extra special effect.

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