Light Play Panels



Game idea: Christian Woidschützke How to play / support: When the phosphorescent light panel is illuminated, luminescent lines, shapes and surfaces are created. It is fascinating to follow the trails of light that gradually disappear again. The intensity of the light trail varies depending on the point or area lighting. Exploring the phenomena by playing with light inspires the imagination and conveys an understanding of duration and transience. Time and movement can be experienced optically. Interesting collages can be displayed individually or in a group using stencils or foils. Due to the highly challenging nature of the play of light, writing motor skills and hand-eye coordination are particularly encouraged. A creative game for 1 – 2 players. From 3 years. Content / Material: Light panel with frame and wooden pen. Phosphorescent film on carrier plate with acrylic glass pane (not scratch-resistant).
Contents / material: light play board in a wooden frame including wall suspension, 2 wooden light pens, including batteries, 1 darkening felt, instructions. Dimensions: play board 46.5 x 64 cm, light pen 15 cm long, Ø 1.7 cm. LED class I. The light pen must not be kept freely accessible to children. Otherwise there is a risk of dazzling. Use the light pen only under adult supervision.


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