Plug-in Game


Game suggestions: The 6 peg towers can be taken out separately. Each child gets one peg tower. The teacher suggests possible ways of playing or develops rules like: practice putting on the balls, by this the motor skills are developed. In the race way running around the ball, the balls can be rolled. The child recognizes that balls roll. Since the balls roll in a deep race way, they will not be lost so quickly. Every child plays with another colour and learns to distinguish and name colours. Put on one ball first, then a second one, etc. The child will develop a feeling for small and big amounts. The teacher has her own peg tower and shows simple rules like: First we put on the red ball, then the yellow one…



Content/Material/Size: 1 base plate with a race way Running around it for rolling the balls. 6 Peg towers, each having 6 big wooden balls of 50mm in the colours of the rainbow red, orange, yellow, light green, light blue and violet. the poles for putting on the balls are especially thick and nicely rounded.