Plug Truck


Game idea: style of play / promotion: The color plug-in truck combines the first color theory with role play in a playful way. Thanks to the colored wooden discs, even the little ones get to know the basic colors by assigning the right color to the corresponding cube image. Recognizing the differently thick colored discs promotes visual perception and spatial imagination. Linking the color and thickness of the wooden discs promotes logical thinking. In the first game of rules together, the little ones learn to follow the rules, for example by having to wait for their turn to take their turn. The truck can also be pushed as a toy. For 1-4 players. From 18 months. Content / material:1 wooden vice, 1 color cube, 1 shape cube and 9 colored discs in 3 different thicknesses, in blue, yellow and red, in a box. Dimensions: truck 30 cm long, 16.5 cm high without colored discs and 10 cm wide with wheels, cube edge length approx. 3.5 cm.