Projection Curtain-World of Light


Game idea from Klax pedagogy This projection curtain creates a fascinating, three-dimensional world of experience that can be walked on: a projector or overhead projector (701 586) is used to project films or images onto the specially translucent textile and the wall behind it. When entering the space between the wall and the curtain, the children experience this world of light up close and see themselves as part of it. Its fascinating to see the fish swim towards you underwater or to sit in a waterfall. Different materials can be used to experiment with light and shadow on the overhead projector. Sensual experiences and basic knowledge about the play of light and shadow are conveyed, social skills and interaction are promoted. Content / material:1 rope tensioning device, 1 curtain (100% polyester, Trevira CS, flame retardant, washable up to 30 ° C), 12 clips for hanging up the curtain, 3 bags for weighting down and stretching the curtain. Dimensions: rope tensioning set 2 m, curtain 2 x 2.2 m.

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