An idea from the Klax pedagogy play style / promotion:Young children can only get a picture of the world by examining carefully the things that concern them. Everyday objects, which are natural for adults, are particularly attractive in their function for children and are full of secrets that need to be deciphered. The heuristic material, also known as discovery material, offers an excellent basis for taking up this interest and giving children access to it. In the heuristic game, the children are provided with as many different everyday objects as possible, which can be put in and taken out of a large box. When examining the nature of these objects, the children can experience the game with all their senses. B. hear sounds, that arise when playing with the cans. The materials can be combined, connected to one another and plugged together. In addition to logical thinking, motor skills and the senses are addressed. For 1-5 children.From 1 year.
Contents / material: approx. 35 brushes with bristles of different strengths , brushes with handles, round head brushes and brush rings, made of wood, in a cotton bag (100% cotton). Dimensions: small brush 7 cm, large brush 13 cm.