Special Set for the Large Sandtray



developed by Marielle Seitz. How to play / support: With the glass squeegee, the child can remove the sand from the glass floor of the sand tub in order to then create new pictures. If the child has placed a nice piece of paper under the sand tub beforehand, they can draw or write on the painting surface with the sand pen. The pen is filled with sand using a funnel and a small spoon. That is a pleasure in itself! The child lets the pen slide over the glass plate with a little distance and the sand trickles out in a fine jet, leaving behind fantastic traces of movement.
If the hedgehog ball is rolled in the sand tub, fascinating tracks are created in the sand. As the ball rolls, the child experiences calm and concentration. Fine motor skills and movement coordination are encouraged in a playful and creative way. Great fun – the beetle race in the sand tub. The magnetic wooden ground beetles leave traces in the sand as the child guides the beetle from below with a bar magnet.
From 3 years. Contents / material:
1 glass squeegee made of beech wood and rubber, 1 sand pen made of acrylic glass, 1 hedgehog ball, 2 magnetic wooden ground beetles, 2 sand tub pens, 4 wooden feet for the sand tub.
 wooden feet 10 x 5 x 5 cm.