Starry Sky



More than a shining canopy. When the children lie under the glittering starry sky from “A Thousand and One Nights”, they see each other from an exciting and completely new perspective. The interplay of colors transforms every room and immerses it in constantly changing lighting moods. The targeted selection of colors creates a certain atmosphere. The canopy can be designed individually. For this purpose, any material or length of fabric can be attached to the light element with the blinds. The canopy fabric panel (103 866) provides a beautiful, neutral-colored base; decorative accents can be set with colorful cloths. The enclosed blanking discs are designed in such a way that substances dissolve when exposed to stress and are not a source of danger. The light element can also be used in our canopies (551 193, 551 194, Contents / material: 1 light element with acrylic glass mirror and LED technology, suspension and 6 m long cable, 10 plastic blinds for attaching fabrics and decorative items, 1 remote control, 1 ceiling hook with dowel. Delivery takes place without fabric. Technical details: 30 watts, 12 volts. Dimensions: Ø 65 cm, approx. 2 cm thick, cable length approx. 6 m.