Colour Sudoku


Content/Material/Size: Wooden frame 24 x 24 cm, grid transparency, 36 wooden counters with inserts of plastic jewels. in 6 different colours. Educational approach: Young and elderly can enjoy making patterns with the jewel bricks and sorting them into rows and grids. The game invites the players to test their skills of concentration, patience, reasoning, colour differentiation and visual discrimination of foreground-background.



Suggestions for play: Place the grid transparency into the wooden frame. The transparency is divided up into 3 x 2 mini grids. Turn the wooden counters over so that the jewel inset is face-down on the table. Shuffle the counters before the start of play. Each player takes it in turns to pick up a square counter to place down on one of the six blank spaces in one of the mini grids. No two jewels of the same colour may appear in any of the 3 x 2 mini grids. Each jewel may only appear once in any vertical or horizontal row. All players must check to see whether a counter has been put down correctly. If a player makes a wrong move, he/she has to remove the counter from the board and place it, jewel-side up, next to him/her. He/she is only allowed to move this counter after all the other counters have been turned over and put down. From ages 5 to 99 years