Tricky Laying Game


 How to play / support: It’s pretty darned to find out which number was rolled with the wild dice. With the help of balls and a special laying board, you can work out the amount of data in a playful way. In another variant of the game, the number rolled is used to determine which piece of wood is placed in the frame. Gradually the board fills up. Now you have to be “darned” careful that all the pieces are placed correctly and that the board is “closed” at the end without any gaps.
Promotes visual perception, in particular the detection of the spatial position, the detection of subsets, the development of set concepts, concentration and perseverance. Mathematical precursor skills are developed in a playful way. The game contains detailed instructions with many game suggestions and additional work and copy templates and can be used well in individual games or in small groups.
From 3 years.
Contents / material: Wild plastic cube, 16 wooden balls (8 red, 8 blue), 5 2 wooden tiles, wooden box with sliding lid (playing field on both sides: top as playing board, underside playing field with 16 recesses), raster film, detailed instructions with template pages and master copies. Dimension’s Ball Ø 3 cm, cube edge length 4.5 cm, box 23 x 23 x 8.5 cm.